• Mabel Freshwater Pearls
  • Mabel Freshwater Pearls

Mabel Freshwater Pearls


Sterling Silver + Freshwater Pearls Timeless and Classic. Mabel is approximately 20mm round (organic). Each pearl is approximately 1cm in length and each earring contains 1 single beautiful freshwater pearl. Earrings can be made using Sterling Silver or 14K filled Gold 

Please Note:

-These delicate pearl earrings should not be worn in any type of water (swimming, showering etc).

-If dropped or stored incorrectly, the accessories may break or become damaged in some way.

-To care for your pearls, simply wipe with a soft cloth to remove excess oils or dirt.

-Please do not use any chemicals or cleaning solutions. Pearls respond naturally to a gentle, chemical-free clean.

-Avoid contact with hairspray, lotions and perfumes as they may damage the pearls.

- Pearls may be worn every day; however, it is advisable not to swim, shower, play sport or sleep whilst wearing.

-Store your pearls in their original case away from other jewellery to avoid damage or rubbing. *Refunds will not be granted for items not taken care of.

* Each set comes in their own cotton pouch and with a care card